Watch these short films showing footage of a discussion between a pilot and his navigator about their roles in the first Black Buck operation; and an interview with Bomb Aimer Les Rutherford talking about his miraculous survival when his Lancaster Bomber was shot down over Germany in 1943.

Black Buck Operation

In this 15 minute interview, Pilot Martin Withers and Navigator Plotter Andy Marson discuss their role in the first Black Buck Operation and their love of flight. Martin Withers was the pilot of the first Black Buck operation launched from RAF Waddington. Andy Marson was involved in the planning stages and was part of the route planning for the operation.

The film is one of several produced by Electric Egg for Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire and highlights Lincolnshire's role in Britain's Aviation Heritage.


A Bomb Aimer's Story

20th December 1943. On an operation to Frankfurt, Bomb Aimer Les Rutherford was one of only two survivors when his Lancaster Bomber was shot down over Germany. His miraculous survival is told in this short film, A Bomb Aimer’s Story.
Produced for Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire by Electric Egg.


Target Moscow

Our fourth short documentary for Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire looks at the RAF's V-Force nuclear deterrent during the Cold War. Squadron Leader Les Blackburn MBE, a Radar Navigator on Avro Vulcan Bombers based at RAF Scampton, reflects on the his role as part of the RAF's Quick Response Alert on an aircraft poised to launch a nuclear attack on the heart Soviet Union.


Tadeusz - A Polish Bomber Command Veteran's Story

In 1939, Tad Wier, then Tadeusz Wierzbowski, left Poland at the time of the German invasion of Poland, his homeland. Having made his way to the UK, Tad joined the Royal Air Force initially training new aircrew and then in 1945 he served with 300 Squadron, an all Polish Bomber Squadron based at RAF Faldingworth in Lincolnshire. In this film Tad shares memories of that time.

This film was commissioned by Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire and is one of several films made that look at the rich aviation heritage of the county through the memories of those who served there.

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