Lincolnshire: Bastion in the Air, 1915-18

Lincolnshire: Bastion in the Air, 1915-18, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

Runing until 30 April 2020 the Lincolnshire Bastion in the Air project aims to promote the First World War aviation heritage of the county.  Highlighting the work carried out in constructing aircraft and defending British airspace, which led to the formation of the RAF in 1918, and the continuing links between the county and the RAF. 

There will be a series of travelling exhibitions throughout the county during the three-year period, as well as two major static exhibitions in 2018 at RAF Scampton and in The Collection Museum.  

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The exhibition at RAF Scampton will be housed in the 'Dambusters' hangar and will feature the recreation of part of an RFC airfield 'somewhere in France or Flanders', including three replica aircraft: a DH2 and Sopwith Camel from Britain, and a Rumpler CVII from Germany.  Running from 6th April to 24th  August 2018 the RAF Scampton exhibition will tell the history of Scampton in the First World War and of individual RFC and RNAS personnel with a local connection.  Visitors will be need to book in advance and they will receive a guided tour of the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre and the Bastion in the Air Exhibition; tours will be free of charge. 

The exhibition at The Collection will run from 26th  May until 9th September 2018. An entrance fee will be applicable but visitors will not need to book in advance.  The exhibition focuses on the rising threat to Britain from air attacks by airships and aircraft, and on the British response, including the formation of the RAF in 1918.  A number of museums in Germany are supporting this exhibition with information and artefacts. Lord Ashcroft is kindly lending us the original Victoria Cross awarded to Lt William Leefe Robinson for shooting down an airship over Hertfordshire, the first one destroyed over Britain by a fighter aircraft.  We will also be displaying a model zeppelin that is over 5 metres long.  Learn about the contribution by Lincolnshire to British aircraft production during the First World War.  Many people – including native 'yellowbellies' – are not aware that Lincoln was one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturing centres at the time! 

As part of this project several food companies in Lincolnshire are promting special Bastion editions of their locally made food and drink.  Updates will follow shortly.