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  • Chapmans Finest Fishcakes

    The Chapman Family have been involved in the seafish industry in Grimsby for over fifty years. Over which time they have amassed invaluable knowledge especially with regards to recognizing and sourcing the best fish available.
    • Chapman House, Estate Road 7, South Humberside Industrial Estate, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire
    • The Coast
    • DN31 2TP

    Telephone: 01472 269871
  • Doddington Hall Farmshop

    Opened in 2007, our award-winning Farm Shop was borne out of a passion for good quality, seasonal, local food.
    • Doddington Hall, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
    • Heart of Lincolnshire
    • LN6 4RU

    Telephone: 01522 694308
  • E M Key & Son Ltd

    Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
    • Glebe Farm, Burton Pedwardine, Sleaford, Lincolnshire
    • The Countryside
    • NG34 0BX

    Telephone: 01529 460230
  • Fen Farm Venison

    Fen Farm Venison was established in 1994, and our red deer herd has been built up naturally year on year.Our deer are of a very high quality, with their welfare of paramount importance, thus producing a lean meat under as near natural conditions as possible. They are slaughtered at around 18-27 months, then hung for 7 days, giving their unique flavour. Antibiotics are not routinely used and artificial hormones are never used. Venison is one of the healthiest red meats available, having only 207 calories per 100gms. Not only is it low in fat, but it is very low in cholesterol, high in iron and high in protein. Therefore, it is excellent for low-fat diets, medical or otherwise, and in the case of some of our customers, the only red meat they eat. You can find us at the Farmers' Markets at Sleaford, Grantham, Stamford, Oakham, Ramsey, March, Ely, Boston, Lincoln Bailgate, Spalding, Huntingdon, Oundle and Market Harborough, so please ring and check where we will be. Additionally, we attend a variety of local shows, some where we cook (as we do at the Farmers' Markets), as well as selling our venison. We welcome callers to the farm but, if possible, some prior notice would be appreciated. We want our customers to be satisfied and would welcome any feedback. If you have any special requirements, we would also be only too happy to discuss these and will endeavour to fulfil your needs. Obviously, prior notice must be given.
    • Fen Farm Venison, Horbling Fen, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 0JX
    • The Countryside
    • NG34 0JX

    Telephone: 01529 421272
  • Flat Cow

    We are a Festival Catering company bringin a modern twist to traditional food traceable from farm to fork (we know because we breed our own cattle) Flat cow had been trading for over 6 years and attended Festivals including; Glade Beautiful Days, Kendal Calling, BBC Proms in the Park, Hop Farm, Boardmasters (and many more)
    • White House Farm, Somersby, Lincolnshire
    • The Wolds
    • PE23 4NR

    Telephone: 07881 820089
  • Fold Hill Foods

    Fold Hill Foods has been making pet food for three generations. Nestled in the heart of the Lincolnshire Fens in the middle of our family farm, we use only the ingredients we have grown or sourced ourselves to make our dog food products. As a result, we have complete control over our entire supply chain which is very unique in the pet food production world, as today many pet food companies outsource their production.
    • Old Leake, Boston, Lincolnshire
    • The Fens
    • PE22 9RJ

    Telephone: 01205 270500

  • K B Hogroasts

    KB Hogroasts specialise in cooking & serving succulent spit-roasted; whole pigs, whole lambs or beef, for 100 to 2000 people, as quickly (or as leisurely) as you require.
    • Cede House Farm, Heckington Road, Burton Pedwardine, Sleaford
    • The Countryside
    • NG34 0BU

    Telephone: 01529 469191
  • L J Fairburn

    Fairburn’s started farming in Alford in 1951 with just 150 chickens which Grandfather, Leslie James Fairburn, bought for £150. Now one of the largest independent egg producers and packers in the UK the business has changed, but the family values haven’t.
    • Ivy House Farm Office, Farlesthorpe Road, Alford, Lincolnshire
    • The Wolds
    • LN13 9PL

    Telephone: 07552 278088
  • Lincolnshire Wild Bird Seed

    Watching wild birds in your garden can be a great way to pass the time, and being able to recognise them can be a challenge. Putting out some food is one way of attracting them to your garden so you can get some great views while helping them survive. What food you leave out for birds is very important but being aware of how to keep your feeding stations hygenic and pest-free is also just as important. We hope that our website will help you find all the answers to all your bird feeding questions.
    • Lincolnshire Wild Bird Seeds Ltd, Argyle House, Sandy Bank Road, New York, Lincolnshire
    • The Fens
    • LN4 4YE

    Telephone: 07748 657252
  • Linfresh Foods

    The A.E. Lenton group of Companies was founded in 1946 by Alan Lenton. Initially marketing produce on behalf of the local growers to wholesale markets throughout the United Kingdom.
    • Church End, Friskney, Boston
    • The Coast
    • PE22 8NE

    Telephone: 01754 820203